Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105

Avatud Piibli Ühing

Scripture Union Estonia

Wild Rose Development

The Development Plan:

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Vision of the Wild Rose Village

Wild Rose (Kibuvitsa) Village is a future camp and retreat centre, managed and run by full time and part-time/seasonal staff and volunteers. The vision combines creatively 2 aspects: camping  and retreat ministry.

The camping ministry is focused on providing the facilities and growth opportunities for SU Bible Reading camps.  SU Estonia has organized such camps for more than 10 years using rental facilities of varied quality, which has limited the prospects for growth.

Vision of retreat ministry has roots in the desperate spiritual state of our nation. Extreme materialism and consumerism has produced people, who are exhausted and stressed to the point of burnout, left without spiritual and ethical values, totally ignorant and prone to all kind of addictions and witchcraft. Many people need spiritual nourishing, reflection skills and learning place, where they can find healing to their soul and body. The vision of combining Christ-centered camping and retreat ministries is aimed to provide resources  and space for encounter with God that leads to restoration, nurture and healing.

In our vision the Wild Rose Village will become a special community, where people from all walks of life are invited to experience Gods presence and Christian spirituality. The centre of the spiritual environment and daily life will be regular practise of prayer and Bible reading, lead by the local community members and clergy.

The village will be open to all individuals (ie ones who wish to withdraw for a certain period, who seek for silence or healing or are willing to serve as volunteers), families (tourists, holiday makers), groups (therapeutical, schools, various church groups)  and organisations. All visitors are expected to respect the Christian house rules of the community.

In 2009 a piece of land (4,11 hectares) was purchased in Nõva (area on the West coast, about 80 km from Tallinn), a place of natural beauty and growing popularity as a summer resort. The property is bordered by a river and natural wildlife reserve and located about 3 km from the village centre and 2 km from the beach. While sufficiently secluded to maintain peaceful environment, surrounding area adds numerous possibilities to develop different camping and retreat programs in the area and on the sea (shore). 

Help SU Estonia to transform this vision into reality!